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FineMolds armament set air-to-air weaponry (1960s to 1970s), designed to outfit FM's new range of F-4 Phantom II kits. This set contains the following ordnance:

4x AIM-4D falcon

4x AIM-9B Sidewinder

4x AIM-9D/G/H Sidewinder

4x AIM-9E Sidewinder

4x AIM-9JE Sidewinder

4x AIM-7E Sparrow

4x AIM-7E2 Sparrow

2x ALQ-87 ECM-pod

2x ALQ-101 ECM-pod

2x ALQ-119 ECM-pod

2x SUU-19 20 mm gun pod

2x inboard wing pylons (USN&USAF)

2x outboard wing pylons (USN&USAF)

FP44 F-4 Phantom II "Air-to-Air Armament - Early"

Artikelnummer: FP44
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