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The Phantom FG Mk.1 and FGR Mk.2 in Royal Navy and RAF Service 1966 – 1978

Sized A4, hardcover, 160 pages, over 350 hitherto unpublished photographs, 28 colour profiles, unit insignia and patches, ENGLISH TEXT


This first book of our two volume publication on the F-4K (FG.1) and F-4M (FGR.2) in Royal Navy and Royal Air Force service covers the design, development and service introduction of the Phantom. The publication finishes with the decommissioning of HMS Ark Royal and the handover of the FG.1 to the RAF, as well as the change in roles of Phantom equipped RAF squadrons from 'ground attack/strike' to 'air defence' in 1978.


  • Autor: Patrick Martin
  • ISBN: 978-3-935687-84-3


From the content:



    Design & Development
        Eye Witness Report: Trans-Atlantic Deliveries

Into Service

    Phantom FG.1 – Royal Navy 1968 to 1978
        Daily Mail Atlantic Race 1969
    Phantom FG.1 – Royal Air Force 1968 to 1978
    Phantom FGR.2 – The Strike Role 1968 to 1973
    Phantom FGR.2 – Transition Strike to Air Defence 1974 to 1978
    Phantom Weapons

Phantom Finish & Markings

    Prototypes – Finish and Markings
    Royal Navy – Finish and Markings
    Royal Navy – Unit Markings4
    Royal Air Force – Finish and Markings 1968 to 1978
        Training Units
        Strike Squadrons
        Air Defence Squadrons
        Royal Air Force Unit Crests

Phantom Histories – Bases and Units

    Phantom Bases
    Phantom Test Units
    Royal Navy Phantom Units
    Royal Air Force Phantom Units 1969 to 1978
        Training Units
        Strike Squadrons


    Appendix 1: HMS Ark Royal (R09)
    Appendix 2: Camouflage Schemes
    Appendix 3: RAF Phantom Operators
    Appendix 4: Individual Aircraft Histories – Phantom YF-4K, F-4K and FG.1
    Appendix 5: Abbreviations  

Phantom 004 British Phantoms (1)

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