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The RF-4B in the Tactical Reconnaissance Role 1965 – 1990

Sized A4, hardcover, 208 pages, 272 photographs mainly in colour, 61 colour profiles, two four-view drawings, 34 unit insignia and patches, 7 maps and 27 drawings and exerpts from technical manuals, ENGLISH TEXT.


Our latest title in our 'Ultimate F-4 Phantom II Collection' describes in detail the history of the RF-4B Phanom II in the Tactical Reconnaissance Role with the US Marine Corps. The authors cover the unit histories of all four Squadrons (VMCJ-1 to VMCJ-3 plus VMFP-3) as well as a complete account of air operations over Vietnam. As description of camouflage schemes used rounds-up this publication. This is an absolute must have for the PHANTOM-PHREAK!


  • Autoren: Lee R. De Haven and Richard Rentrop
  • ISBN: 978-3-935687-86-7


From the contents:

    Table of Contents

    RF-4B Development, Construction and Modification
    VMCJ-1 Squadron History
    ‘Golden Hawks/Cotton Pickers’

    VMCJ-2 Squadron History

    VMCJ-3 Squadron History
    ‘Ears and Eyes of the Corps’

    VMFP-3 Squadron History
    ‘The Eyes of the Corps’


    Appendix 1: VMFP-3 Camouflage & Markings
    Appendix 2: Creating a Display Phantom
    Appendix 3: USMC RF-4B Patches & Insignias
    Appendix 4: Individual Aircraft Histories
    Appendix 5: Acronyms

Phantom 006 RF-4B

VAT Included
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