K48050 Mirage IIIE/EE/EA/O/R/DR

K48050 Mirage IIIE/EE/EA/O/R/DR
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A highly detailed model of the classic French fighter aircraft in 1/48 scale. It can be built in as fighter version (IIIE or IIIO) or as reconnaissance aircraft (IIIR/IIIRD). This Kinetic release has five colorful marking options:

  • Mirage IIIE, 4-BB, EC 1/4, Armee de l'Air, BA116 Luxeuil, 1967
  • Mirage IIIEE, 11-06, Ala 11, Spanish AF, Manises AB, 1986
  • Mirage IIIO, A3-7, 2 OCU, RAAF, RAAF Williamtown, 1987
  • Mirage IIIR, 33-TC, EC 3/33, Armee de l'Air, BA124 Strasbourg-Entzheim, 1963
  • Mirage IIIRD, 33-TL, EC 3/33, Armee de l'Air, BA124 Strasbourg-Entzheim, 1987


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This is no toy – not for children under the age of 15! Dies ist kein Spielzeug – nicht für Kinder unter 15 Jahren geeignet!