FT003 Douglas A-4 'Ahit' in IAF Service

FT003 Douglas A-4 'Ahit' in IAF Service
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The A-4N and TA-4J 'Ahit' in Israeli Air Force Service

by Ra'anan Weiss & Yoav Efrati


Sized A4 landscape, softcover, English and German text, 120 pages of content, full colour, over 450 images

This walk around details the status of the A-4N and TA-4J, including a short introduction and colur profiles. The content coversf:

- avionics

- cockpits

- landing gear

- engines

- most recent armament

- fuselage details

- camouflage schemes


An absolute must have for the fans of the IAF version of the 'Scooter'