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NEWRELEASE (available from November 12, 2017)

Our new title from 'The Ultimate F-4 Phantom II Collection': USMC Phantoms – The RF-4B in the Tactical Reconnaissance Role. You have now the opportunity to pre-order our new Phantom book with a 5.00 € discount on the actual retail price of 49.95 Euros. This discount will only last until we are back from England (around November 14, 2017) – so don't hesitate!






Reid Air Publishing A-10 Warthog Guide, Eagle Aviation Walkaround: F-16, F-4E, RF4E, Mirage 2000 Under the Skin, Eagle Aviation Books: The End of the Film – 64 Years of Recce Excellence




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Here are some expert reviews of some our model kits by renowned master model maker Brett Green on Hyperscale or Michael Benolkin from Cybermodeler.com. These include details and close up photos showing the casting quality and the wealth of extra resin parts provided.



WMK48003  F-21 KFIR

WMK48008  Luftwaffe Fouga Magister

WMK48009  Alpha Jet Special Birds (Luftwaffe)

WMK48012  KFIR TC2 Trainer Aircraft

WMF32003  F-4E/F/G Slatted Wing Conversion Set (for Tamiya)

WMF48022/28/29 Multimedia Weapons Sets



WMK48001  Latin Amercian KFIR

WMK48002  IAF KFIR C2/C7

WMK48003  F-21A KFIR

WMK48008  Luftwaffe Fouga Magister

WMK48009  Alpha Jet Special Birds (Luftwaffe)

WMK48012  KFIR TC 2 Trainer Aircraft

EUR 36.95
EUR 32.95
EUR 32.95
EUR 32.95

The End of the Film

F-4E AUP Under the Skin

RF-4E Under the Skin

Mirage 2000 Under the Skin

EUR 59.95
EUR 49.95
EUR 42.00
EUR 90.00

Kitty Hawk Sukhoi Su-17M3/M4

Kitty Hawk Dassault Etendard IVP/IVM

ICM MiG-25RBT Foxbat

Tamiya Grumman F-14A Tomcat

EUR 15.00
EUR 5.00
EUR 35.00
EUR 14.00

Mirage III/V Centerline Bombrack and Bombs (2)

Mirage III/V/Kfir/F-21A Wheels

Block 20/30 F-16D Conversion (for Tamiya)

MATRA LAU-51 Rocket Pods (2)

EUR 20.00
EUR 20.00
EUR 20.00
EUR 20.00

Fouga C.M. 170R Magister 1/48

Luftwaffe Anniversary Birds 1/48

Decal Portuguese Alpha Jets 1:48

Decal Luftwaffe Alpha Jets 1:48

EUR 5.00
EUR 5.00
EUR 5.00
EUR 5.00

Smoke Trails Vol. 17 No. 4

Smoke Trails Vol. 17 No. 3

Smoke Trails Vol. 17 No. 2

Smoke Trails Vol.17 No. 1

EUR 8.00
EUR 8.00
EUR 8.00
EUR 8.00

Poster The Cyber Tiger

Poster Bronze Tiger

Poster Bavarian Tigers

Poster MiG-29 Evolution