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IAF Kfir

by Ra'anan Weiss und Shlomo Aloni


Sized A4, softcover, English text, 84 pages, full colour, side profiles, over 600 photos, drawings true to scale 1/72 and 1/48.


An absolute high-end walk around book, which leaves nothing to be desired. The authors cover the following fields in writing and by photos:

- radar and avionics

- cockpits

- landing gears

- engines

- armament and ordinance

- squadrons and wings

- airframe details

and much more...!


Concise history of the Kurnass (Sledgehammer) throughout its service with the Israeli Air Force, including the Israeli-Arab Wars through 1982. Lavishly illustrated with quality images: gallery of the aircraft in use, in routine and maintenance situations, pre and post sorties, arming operations and walk-around views showing almost every aspect of the airframe exterior and cockpit.