WMK48005 Luftwaffe Alpha Jet

WMK48005 Luftwaffe Alpha Jet
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Wingman Models – Luftwaffe Alpha Jet A

This model kit enables you to built one Alpha Jet A of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).


WINGMAN MODELS SUPERKIT SERIES (limited edition of 500 pieces)



· One unassambled plastic model kit from Kinetic
· Detailed and accurate resin upgrades (cockpit, accurate Stencel SIII ejection seats, correct Mauser MBK 27 gun pod, tires etc.)
· Metal Pitot and AOA-probes made by Master from Poland
· Photo etched mirrors, HUD-framing and ejection seat handles
· Kabuki masking paper for cockpits and tires
· Extensive decal sheet printed by Cartograf with a huge variety of versions: The Luftwaffe set includes Norm 72 and Norm 83 stencils, markings for JaboG 41, 43, 44, 49, Training Command Beja, WTD 61, Tiger Meet aircraft etc.


We have prepared a Painting Guide for the Alpha Jets available for download which contains detail shots of the actual airplane for your reference.

As we received questions concerning how the cockpit of the Alpha Jet A is painted we soon are going to offer a PDF for down load with original photographs of a Lw/PoAF Alpha Jet, which should help you to correctly paint your kit. The main colours inside both cockpits-tubs of the Alpha Jet A are RAL 7035 Lichtgrau (light grey – Humbrol HU 196) interior grey for sidewalls, instrument panels and lower parts of the bulk heads. The top parts of the bulk heads, which e.g. house part of the instruments and canopy opening mechanism, the instrument dial faces as well as the canopy frames and the anti-glare panels are painted black. RAL 5012 Lichtblau (light blue – Humbrol HU 47) is used for the ejection seats, while buttons are painted red, yellow, orange or black.





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