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Eagle Aviation Walk Around – The F-16 C/D Under the Skin


Sized A4 landscape, softcover, English text, 144 pages, over 450 colour images of Greek, Chliean, Israeli and UAE Block 52/60 F-16 C and D.


Over 450 photographs reveal every part of the F-16 from the cockpit to the engine bay, from the landing gear to the avionics.‘Viper Under The Skin’ is the ultimate reference guide for the modern F-16 featuring all the new advances as the Conformal Fuel Tanks, the F-16D dorsal spine and state of the art ordnance. Over 110 pages are dedicated to the model maker and contain the following:

- avionics

- radar

- cockpits

- landing gear

- engines

- most recent armament

- fuselage details


An absolut "must have" for the "Viper" fan!

EAW006 F-16 C/D Special Edition

Artikelnummer: EAW006
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