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FineMolds armament set air-to-ground weaponry (1960s to 1970s), designed to outfit FM's new range of F-4 Phantom II kits. This set contains the following ordnance:

18x Mk.82 General Purpose Bombs

12x MK.82 "Sankeye" Retarded Bombs

6x Mk.82 General Purpose Bombs with fuse extenders (Daisy cutters)

2x GBU-12 Laser Guided Bombs

2x Tripple Ejector Racks (TERs)

2x Multiple Ejector Racks (MERs)

2x inboard wing pylons (USN&USAF)

2x outboard wing pylons (USN&USAF)

FP45 F-4 Phantom II "Air-to-Ground Armament - Early"

Artikelnummer: FP45
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