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Panavia Tornado IDS/ECR (Luftwaffe) in the 21st Century

by Andreas Klein and Christian Gerard


Sized A4 landscape, softcover, English and German text, 208 pages of content, full colour, over 750 images

This walk around details the current status of the Panavia Tornado IDS in Luftwaffe service. In the book the reader will find a 5000 word introductionary text, describing the development and the most recent technical changes to the swing wing fighter-bomber. This is followed by 40 pages of action photographs divided by units. Over 140 pages are dedicated to the modeler and contain the following:

- radar

- cockpits

- landing gear

- engines

- most recent armament

- fuselage details

- camouflage schemes

- 1/48 scale drawings



We are especially proud of the fact that we were able to provide the only correct scale drawings ever published in 1/48. These drawings are based on dimensions taken from Tornado IDS 44+97, an aircraft of Aufklärungsgeschwader 51 'Immelmann', which had a landing accident at Mazzar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan in 2010. The aircraft is now on display at Deutsche Museum/Flugwerft Oberschleißheim near Munich and accurate measurements were taken to scale on November 3, 2011. During this process it was found out that the overall length of the Tornado, including pitot tube, is 17.23m. This data was confirmed by technical staff of JaboG 33 and the Luftwaffe Public relations Office and therefore contradicts all previously published data, including the official PANAVIA website, which incorrectly states the length of the Tornado IDS/G$.4 to be 16.72m.

This is an absolute must have for the "Tonka, Toni, Klappdrachen" or simply Tornado fan.

FT001 – Tornado IDS/ECR (Luftwaffe)

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