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This kit allows the modeller to build the Harrier GR.1 or GR.3 in 1/48 scale – no glue or paint included.

Decal printed by Cartograf S.r.l, Italy.
Decal designed by CrossDelta.

Photo-etched parts included.

Markings for seven aircraft:
1) Harrier GR.1 XV788/M – 1(F) Sqn., RAF Wittering, 1970

2) Harrier GR.1A XV788/M – 1(F) Sqn., RAF Wittering, 1970

3) Harrier GR.3 XV795/05 “The Intruder” – 1(F) Sqn. Belize City Airport, Belize, 1975 (LMTRS not fitted)

4) Harrier GR.3 XV787/02 “Hot to Trot” – 1(F) Sqn. Belize City Airport, Belize, 1975 (LMTRS not fitted)

5) Harrier GR.3 XV760/F -233 OCU, RAF Wittering, 1977

6) Harrier GR.3 XZ997/31 -1(F) Sqn., Operation Corporate, HMS Hermes, 1982

7) Harrier GR.3 XZ997/V IV(AC) Sqn., RAF Gütersloh, West Germany, 1992


The necessary colours to paint your model kit can be found in our Creos Mr. Hobby paint section.

This is not a toy – not for children under the age of 15! Dies ist kein Spielzeug – nicht für Kinder unter 15 Jahren geeignet


K48060 Harrier GR.1/3

Artikelnummer: K48060
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