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Unassembled plastic model kit of a Vietnam MiG-killer F-4D of the US Air Force in 1/72 scale (glue, model paints, armament and other basic modelling tools are not included). Highly detailed and completely new tooled kit of the famous fighter aircraft.

– basic kit by Finemolds
– three decal options
– highly detailed airframe with recessed panel lines and finely engraved rivets

– highly detailed cockpit
– colour instructions


Marking option:

- F-4D 66-7463, Capt. S. Richie/Capt. C.B. DeBellevue, 555th TFS/432nd TFW, Udorn, Thailand, August 28, 1972

- F-4D 66-7466, Maj. H.L. Mckee/Capt. J.E. Dubler, 555th TFS/432nd TFW, Udorn, Thailand, December 28, 1972

- F-4D 66-7676, Col. Charles E. Yeager, 4thd TFW, Udorn, Yokota, Japan, May 10, 1968

- F-4D 66-7463, Maj. I.J. McCoy/Maj. F.W. Brown, 555th TFS/432nd TFW, Udorn, Thailand, October 15, 1972

FineMolds F-4D Phantom II "MIG Killer"

Artikelnummer: FP72847
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