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Part 2 – The D-Variant of the Luftwaffe Dive Bomber

Sized A4, 68 pages, softcover, about 120 b/w photographs, English/German captions, eight coloured side profiles and one four-view drawing, b/w drawings true-to-scale.

  • Author: Manfred Griehl


LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION (150 COPIES) WITH THE ORIGINAL SIGNATURE OF LT. WILHELM NOLLER MEMBER OF StG 2/SG 10 AND HOLDER OF THE KNIGHTS CROSS. After Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Lt. Noller was one of the most successful Stuka-pilots during WW2. The cover image painted by Egbert Friedl shows Wilhelm Noller's aircraft during a combat mission over Russia in 1943.

SD002 Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Part 2

Artikelnummer: SD002
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