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Wingman Models – IAI F-21A Lion/KFIR

This model kit enables you to built one KFIR of the US Navy or the US Marines respectively, which were operated in the adversary role during the late 1980s


· One unassembled plastic model kit based on the KFIR C2/C7 from Kinetic (NO BOMBS AND MISSILES INCLUDED)
· Detailed and accurate resin upgrades (supersonic center-line tank, full cockpit, correct ECM antennas on the fin, ACM data-pod, tires, etc.)
· Metal Pitot and AOA-probes made by Master from Poland
· Photo etched mirrors and ejection seat handles
· Kabuki masking paper for cockpits and tires
· Extensive decal printed by Cartograf with a huge variety of versions of all F-21 operators


We have a Painting Guide in PDF-format of the F-21 available for download.

WMK48003 F-21A Lion

Artikelnummer: WMK48003
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