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Airframe Album No.1 Second Edition: The Heinkel He 219 'Uhu'
– A Detailed Guide to The Luftwaffe's Ultimate Nightfighter

by Richard A. Franks

ISBN: 978-1-912932-18-4


Size 21x24cm, softcover, English text, 128 pages


The He 219 is a popular aircraft modelling subject, confirmed by two reprints of our first edition. Much has changed regarding available knowledge and references concerning the type so it seems right to re-introduce this title in expanded and revised format.


The modelling map of the He 219 has changed considerably over the past nine years so this title is a new book partly-rewritten, and expanded from the first edition to contain at least 128 pages packed with vital information that no active modeller and Luftwaffe enthusiast should be without:

  • 40+ pages of technical information
  • 20+ pages of walk-around images and technical diagrams
  • 10+ pages of camouflage and markings
  • 25+ pages of model builds and updated modelling information
  • 150+ photographs including wartime images
  • Colour side views and four-views by Richard J. Caruana
  • 3D isometric views of all variants by Jacek Jackiewicz & Juraj Jankovic
  • Specially commissioned extensive full kit builds by Libor Jekl & Steve A. Evans
  • Newly commissioned front cover artwork by Jerry Boucher


AFA001 The Heinkel He 219 Uhu

Artikelnummer: AFA001
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