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F-4E 67-0367

F-4E 67-0367 from the 31st TFW / 307th TFS up from Udorn, Thailand, in 1972. Of interest is the sharkmouth – usually associated with the aircraft of the 388th TFW at Korat, but other units did adopt those as well. Also evident is the longer MIDAS cannon fairing, a modification to prevent engine compressor stalls, probably embodied prior to deployment. The aircraft was one of 72 Tactical Air Command (TAC) F-4Es deployed to South East Asia under program CONSTANT GUARD, in response to the late March 1972 full scale invasion of South Vietnam by North

Vietnamese forces. First to go were two squadrons from the 4th TFW and others followed rapidly. F-4E 67-0367 initially deployed with the 308th TFS from Homestead AFB, Florida, on April 28, 1972, and arrived at Udorn on May 1 (where the squadron was attached to the incumbent 432nd TRW). It was then transferred to the 307th TFS, when the unit assumed its duty at Udorn and served for another three months until returning back home to Homestead AFB between October 31 and November 3, 1972.

(Geoff Crankshaw via Richard Davies Collection)

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