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The Israeli AF in the Yom Kippur War

by Ra'anan Weiss


Sized US-letter, softcover, English text and captions, 192 pages, 800 colour and b/w images, over 25 colour profiles, including maps and loss/kill/armament tables


This new book by Ra'anan Weiss is the ultimate and most comprehensive day-by-day account of the Yom Kippur War during October 1973, based on official IDF/AF internal documents, which were labeled secret for a very long time to the public eye. Contrary to Tom Cooper's 'Arab MiGs – Part 5', whose research is mainly based on 'hear-say', unconfirmed log-book entries and pilots' memories, Ra'anan Weiss is only quoting official results confirmed by Israeli intelligence branches and IDF/AF internal offices, opening their archives for the author. Although these sources might be incomplete as well, this publication is a welcome and very interesting gathering of hitherto unpublished information on Israeli aerial victories, aerial losses as well as a complete and careful documentation of Israeli air strikes against Egyptian and Syrian installations and forces. Rounded-up by a plethora of operational summaries, maps and tables this is the book to have, when interested in warfare in the Middle East.


Here some pages in PDF-fomat as excerpts from our book.

This is a list of all sources used for the research of this book in PDF-format.

IAFB001 The Israeli AF in the Yom Kippur War 1973

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