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Dassault Mystére IV

by Ra'anan Weiss und Shlomo Aloni


Sized A4, softcover, English text, 84 pages, mostly b/w images, coloured side profiles, over 300 photos.


Late in 1953, the IAF recognized a need for a contemporary swept-wing jet fighter. The 1st choice F-86 Sabre proved unobtainable, but after a difficult procurement process, the ultimate solution became the French-built Mystère IV transonic fighter-bomber. Follows the Mystère from initial deliveries in April of 1956, through the Suez War (October-November 1956), contrasts it with the MiG-15 over the Sinai, covers degradation to 2nd line status, light attack duty in the Six Day War (June 1967), and ultimately retirement in March of 1971. Includes a table summarizing the fate of all Israeli Mystère IVs and 20 color profiles illustrating typical IAF color schemes applied to this type.

IAFB016 Dassault Mystére IV in IAF Service

VAT Included
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