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This kit allows the modeller to build one F-16A Fighting Falcon MLU NATO in 1/48 scale – no glue or paint included.

Decal printed by Cartograf S.r.l, Italy.
Decal designed by FCM Decals, Brazil.

Photo-etched parts included.

Markings for five aircraft:

1) Aircraft #FA-86, Belgian Air Force, Air Policing Baltic States, Ämari Air Base, Estonia, 2016

2) Aircraft #J-515, Royal Netherlands Air Force, European Participating Air Forces Expeditionary Air Wing, Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, circa 2006

3) Aircraft #680, 338 skv, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, 2006

4) Aircraft #E-603, Esk 730, Royal Danish Air Force, Aalborg Air Base, Denmark, 2016

5) Aircraft #15115, Esquadra 201 ‘Falcões’, Monte Real Air Force Base (Ba 5), Portugual, 2017


The necessary colours to paint your model kit can be found in our Creos Mr. Hobby paint section.

This is not a toy – not for children under the age of 15! Dies ist kein Spielzeug – nicht für Kinder unter 15 Jahren geeignet!


K48100 F-16A MLU NATO Viper

SKU: K48100
VAT Included
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